Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Bicycle Diaries - Day Forty-three

As I predicted earlier in the month, this has not been a good several weeks for bicycling. Day before yesterday I ended up taking a cab six blocks because of the incredible heat. Jeff was mocking me yesterday because I haven't been posting to the blog, but that is a direct reflection of my ability to ride! I refuse to ride to work in a suit. It just ain't gonna happen! Next week, the weather looks cooler, so I think I will ride.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Bicycle Diaries - Day Thirty-nine

Sometimes, I wish I were a better teacher. Today, we took the training wheels off my son's bike because we wasn't learning to ride as much as he was learning to lean. I want to teach him that it's okay to take a risk, and that he needs to keep peddling if he wants to stay up. As I am sitting here, I am googling, "How to teach to ride a bike."

It is frustrating because he keeps giving up before he even starts, and I don't teach well when I frustrated. My wife interceded and began to work with him. She gave up after ten minutes because she realized after running back and forth for ten minutes that she was just a replacement for the training wheels .

I am going to have to sit down with him before we try this again because I want to reassure him. Yes, he's going to fall, and yes he's going to get bumped and bruised, but the sooner he gets over his fear and actually pedals, the sooner he'll be a real bicyclist. He ands I will be able to ride together.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Bicycle Diaries - Day Twenty-nine

Tonight was the opening night for Neighborhood Bike Works 4th Annual Art Show. We want to go!

It runs until July 21 at the NEXUS/foundation for today's art, 137 north second street ยท Philadelphia, PA 19134. 215 629 1103

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Bicycle Diaries - Day Twenty-four

Uurrg. Well, I have lost five pounds since this blog started, but the flat and the rain have slowed me down. This month looks busy too, and I don't know if riding is going to fit into my work schedule.

Today is my daughter's birthday. I was going to give her a bicycle helmet, because she doesn't have one. That however seems like a lousy gift. She rides to school each morning (or many mornings) in Tejas, so before she returns she'll be getting one.

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