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E-Takoma: 50 Online Groups in Takoma Park

Please note, this is my personal update to Jim Buie's 2004 listing of Takoma Park neighborhood listservs. The original can be found here: 50 Online Groups in Takoma Park.
To get an idea of the digital footprint of Takoma Park, try try a Google search.This is a listing of the neighborhood listservs and some of the community groups in Takoma Park.
 Takoma Neighborhood Listservs and webpages
  • Aspen-Cherry-Colby - For residents of the Aspen-Cherry-Colby Neighborhood in Takoma Park. - Inactive since 2012
  • BF Gilbert (Elm Avenue) - Announcements list for the B. F. Gilbert Citizens Association of Takoma Park. This is a one-way list for timely notices of urgent neighborhood safety issues and meetings. This is not a discussion list – just a few, timely messages – so it won’t fill up your inbox.
  • Boyd/Carroll - Boyd-Carroll Neighborhood Association
  • Carole Highlands - located near Langley/Takoma Park crossroads
  • Circle Woods - Annexed into Takoma Park from PG County in 1997, Circle Woods surrounds a wooded area called the Circle Woods. Information about public safety and other community concerns are posted through this group.
  • Forest Park - (Generally, though not exclusively, surrounding Forest Park proper between Elm Ave and New Hampshire Ave - including Belford Dr, Belford Pl, Circle, Conway, Elm, Ethan Allen, Prince George's and Woodland Aves.)
  • Hillwood Manor - For the Hillwood Manor Neighborhood Association. This group is used to share information among members of and friends to the Hillwood Manor community.
  • Hodges Heights - Discussion group for people residing in the Hodges Heights neighborhood.
  • Langley Park - Langley Park is in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington, D. C. It is predominantly immigrant and working class. World War II era garden apartments with streets of single-family home bungalows.
  • Long-Branch-Sligo - This neighborhood listserv is one of the oldest, with about 160 members, and about one message per day. More announcements than discussion.
  • New Hampshire Gardens Citizens' Association
  • New Hampshire Gardens - Inactive since 2012 - The New Hampshire Gardens neighborhood is located in Ward 6 of Takoma Park, Maryland, in the "horn" of the City along the western border of the Takoma/Langley Crossroads District. Bordered by Carroll, University, New Hampshire and the Long Branch Trail.
  • North Takoma - The northern section of Takoma Park, MD, this community includes homes from virtually every decade of the 20th century.
  • Pinecrest - Ward 3
  • Pinecrest-Woodmoor Citizens - for members of the Woodmoor-Pinecrest Citizens' Association in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Rolling Terrace Neighborhood
  • South of Sligo - The SOSCA neighborhood is bounded on the north by Sligo Creek Parkway, on the east by New Hampshire Avenue and the triangle of Kentland, Hopewell and Larch, on the south by Woodland and Conway, and on the west by Jackson Avenue and Prince Georges Avenue. Includes the Hampshire Knolls and Wildwood subdivisions.
  • SS Carroll Neighborhood - Residents of the Samuel Sprigg Carroll neighborhood in the "Generals" area (Grant, Lee, Sherman, Hancock, Lincoln)
  • Sycamore
  • Takoma DC - For residents of the Takoma neighborhood in Washington DC. The area was originally developed as Takoma Park. When the District of Columbia was formed, the part of Takoma Park that landed in DC became known as Takoma and the part in Maryland, Takoma Park. 
  • Takoma Overlook Tenant Association  - Next to the city's recreation center, at 7333 New Hampshire Avenue.One tower is a condominium, and the other is apartments.
  • Westmoreland - for the residents of the Westmoreland Area Community Organization (WACO) neighborhood, Takoma Park, Maryland.
Listservs For Families
School Listservs
Listservs for Takoma Civic Groups
 Takoma-Wide Discussion Groups
Takoma Media
Takoma Community Groups
Takoma Library Civic Group Page


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