Thursday, April 01, 1993

Things I believe

  • I believe in the dignity of all work.

  • I believe in the value of community.

  • I believe that the most important unit in our society is the family.

  • I believe in the value and power of friendship.

  • I believe that all people deserve healthcare.

  • I believe that every child is entitled to safe and healthy day care.

  • I believe in assistance for the elderly.

  • I believe that every one should work up to their abilities.

  • I believe that everyone should be taxed according to their ability to pay.

  • I believe that as we look to the future we should protect our heritage, honor those who came before us, and study the past.

  • I believe that you should live your faith everyday. Your life should be an example of your faith and your beliefs.

  • “Do your best” is the motto of the Cub Scouts. That changes when the boys become old enough to be Scouts. It changes to “Be Prepared.” One doesn’t have to win at everything, but what is important is that you try. You have to try.

  • I believe in family rituals and the rituals of life. Children learn and remember what they see done by example. As adults it’s what we remember about our childhood.

  • Teaching children that there are rules of society that should be obeyed is important. Respect for elders being one of the most important. It’s only by learning the rules, structures and rituals of life that we can begin to think about what is new, innovative and outside the box.


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